Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Robin's Egg Blue Regency Gown

I just finished this beautiful Regency/Jane Austen style gown. It turned out really pretty!
 This dress would be beautiful on the new 1812 doll, Caroline, from American Girl !
 The historically accurate gown is made extra special with white, venetian lace gracing the square neckline and puffed sleeves.
                                                    The waist is tied with a white, satin sash.

                               The dress with sash is $18, and does not include the shoes.
                               You can also find it on my Etsy shop:

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Regency Doll from American Girl!

American Girl's newest doll is "Caroline", from the year 1812. I am so excited, as are many other Jane Austen fans, because this is the Regency Era, in which JA's novels were written. :-)
                                             (Photo of Caroline from the internet, this is not my doll or dress.)

I am now inspired to make some more beautiful doll dresses inspired by Carolines' Regency/War of 1812 fashions, just in time for Christmas! :-) Look for them coming soon on this blog and my Etsy shop!

Currently I have one Regency dress listed for the discounted price of $16.50:
Winter Regency/ Jane Austen Early 1800s Style Dress for American Girl dolls Caroline 1812, Felicity, Josafina, Kirsten, etc.

Also still available and ready for Christmas gifts, are the Lavender and Lace Edwardian dress (now $22.95) and the Pink Edwardian Party Dress (now $18.95).

Edwardian/ Titanic Era, early 1900s Lavender and Lace Party Dress made for American Girl dolls Rebecca, Samantha, etc.

Victorian/ Edwardian early 1900s style Pink Party Dress made for American Girl Dolls Rebecca, Samantha, etc.

Monday, July 2, 2012


How would you like a historical doll dress giveaway? The prize would be the yellow "romantic" era dress. :-) The lovely Melody from "Regency Delight" will be hosting the giveaway, if there is enough interest. So, hop on over and let her know what you think!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Colonial Gown for Felicity or Elizabeth!

This lovely Colonial (late 1700s) style gown would look divine on a Felicity or Elizabeth doll! It is made from period appropriate "wallpaper stripe" floral cotton fabric.       

 The neckline and sleeves are trimmed with scrumptious snowy lace. The fitted bodice comes to an exquisite princess point in the front, for a very regal effect.

A creamy satin hair ribbon is included, for the perfect finishing touch.

This is a two piece outfit, consisting of a sleeveless dress, with the fitted bodice worn over it.
Both pieces close with velcro in back, for ease of dressing.
Dress and hair ribbon- $22, plus $3.50 shipping and handling.
Please contact me to discuss payment options either by leaving a comment, or emailing me at

*Doll not included.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Samantha's Lacy Pinafore

 I recently made Samantha's Pinafore as a gift for a blogging friend.  I used the Samantha patterns from Pleasant Company/American Girl, which were given to me by this same sweet friend. ;-)
 It is modeled by my Samantha doll, but I haven't made the birthday dress it is meant to be worn with, so the dress pictured is the Pink Edwardian Party Dress, for sale in another post, and in my Etsy shop.
If you would like to special order Samantha's Pinafore, please email me at
I can also make Samantha's Birthday Dress and the Lacy Pinafore as a set. :-)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Etsy Shop!

I opened an Etsy shop today, which I am excited about. :-) Come take a look!

I will be adding all of my current doll dresses to my Etsy Shop as I have the time. Between housework, homeschooling, being a mom, etc. ;-)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

~Winter Regency/Jane Austen Style Dress~

Your doll will be quite cozy in this lovely, long-sleeved, dark burgundy/brown floral dress.

 The sleeves are trimmed with delicate lace, and the back is detailed with curved seams and pearl "buttons".

 The V- neckline was inspired by some of Jane's dresses on BBC's Pride and Prejudice. :-)

Winter Regency Dress- $18, plus shipping and handling.
Payment by Paypal or check accepted.

Please email me at or comment if you are interested in purchasing this lovely gown. :-)

My circa 1993 Kirsten doll from the American Girls' Collection is modeling this dress, and is not included in the sale.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

~Lavender and Lace~ Titanic/Edwardian Style Dress

This sweet confection was inspired by Rebecca's 1914 dresses (from the American Girls' Collection). I must say that I think it is my favorite dress I've made so far! And I love them all, so that's saying a lot. ;-) 

 The elbow length sleeves and dropped bodice are accented by pretty white lace trim and the waist band is graced by a lavender rosebud.

  An over skirt of lace makes this a gorgeous dress for a special occasion, and the white satin slippers and hair bow add just the right finishing touches.

Dress, including hair bow and slipper shoes~ $26, plus shipping.

Please comment or email me at if you would like to purchase this lovely ensemble. Payment by Paypal or check accepted. :-)

My lovely Rebecca doll is modeling this outfit, and is not included in the sale.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~Yellow Romantic Era Dress~

This Romantic Era dress is a lovely light yellow floral, trimmed at the neckline and sleeves with delicate white lace.

The back is detailed with historically accurate curved seams and dropped shoulder seams, as well as a row of delightful pearl "buttons" that disguise the velcro closure.

Kirsten's pantaloons are not included, but if you need some, I can make similar ones for $6. :-)
Included with the dress are a cute little pair of white slipper shoes.
Dress with shoes- $22*
Just the dress-$18*
*Plus shipping and handling

Email me at  or comment to discuss payment options.

Let me know if you would like hair ribbons, as the ones pictured are just some old ones I had on hand. I would be happy to select some especially for you, if needed. :-)

Dress modeled by my circa 1993 American Girl  Kirsten doll.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beautiful Pink Floral Edwardian Dress!

This lovely, pink, early 1900s style party dress would be perfect on Samantha or Rebecca! Or any pretty doll you like, of course. ;-)

 The puffed sleeves are graced by creamy eyelet lace cuffs, that coordinate beautifully with the satin sash and eyelet lace on the hem of the full skirt.
A satin hair ribbon is included to complete this gorgeous outfit.*
$22 (plus shipping and handling).

Please email me at or leave a comment to discuss payment options.

This dress is modeled by my new doll, Rebecca, who was a very special Christmas gift from my husband. :-)

*Shoes and doll not included.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Rosebud" Jane Austen Style Dress

This dress is sold, but I have more of this same fabric, and can make another just for you, if requested. :-)

Just completed, is this gorgeous Regency or Jane Austen era, muted pink, rosebud print dress!

Delicate lace trims the cuffs of the short puffed sleeves.

The back closure is easy to fasten with velcro, disguised beautifully by a row of pearls acting as "buttons".

Historically accurate curved bodice seams and shoulder seams at the back of the shoulder, add charming detail to this dress.

This lovely gown is for sale, priced at $18, plus shipping and handling. Please email me or leave a comment to discuss payment options.

This dress is modeled by my "vintage" Samantha doll, from the American Girls' Collection, circa 1990. ;-)