Thursday, February 2, 2012

Etsy Shop!

I opened an Etsy shop today, which I am excited about. :-) Come take a look!

I will be adding all of my current doll dresses to my Etsy Shop as I have the time. Between housework, homeschooling, being a mom, etc. ;-)


Lauren said...

Congratulations on your shop! I really enjoy selling on Etsy:)

Kayla Garcia said...

Looks great. Now I just need a little girl to buy doll dresses for! ;)I guess you do too! haha.

Chay said...

What amazing dresses...we just had Regency dresses made for my daughters and I would love to have dresses made for their dolls. We have A Life of Faith dolls, not American Girls. Our dolls are 18 3/4" there any way to take the difference into account?

The Well Dressed Doll said...

Hi Chay, I wasn't able to message you, so I hope you see this reply!
I should be able to just make the dresses a little longer. Could you email me to discuss further? My email address is
Thanks so much for your interest. :-)