Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Samantha's Birthday Pinafore (and dress)!

It took me longer to get Samantha's pinafore done because I got distracted, making rompers for a certain little living boy doll. ;-) Hard to believe, but I had never sewn clothes for any of my boys before! I just thought you couldn't sew boy clothes, but I forgot about the classic and adorable rompers, etc that very little boys can wear. Especially here in the south. ;-)
I now have plans to make a Thanksgiving and a Christmas outfit for Tyndale, as well....
Anyway, I did finally finish Samantha's pinafore today and her birthday outfit is complete!
 It is even more lacy and Victorian than the original, I think. ;-)

I may be listing this outfit soon in my Etsy shop, if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Samantha's Birthday Dress, part 1

Well, hello!
It's only been a couple years since my last post. ha That's because we moved to another state, baby Tyndale arrived in September 2013, I've been homeschooling 2 boys now- little things like that. ;-)

But I've finally been able to carve out some time for sewing and just finished making Samantha's Birthday dress. The pinafore is all cut out and will hopefully make an appearance here soon. ;-)