Friday, October 19, 2012

New Regency Doll from American Girl!

American Girl's newest doll is "Caroline", from the year 1812. I am so excited, as are many other Jane Austen fans, because this is the Regency Era, in which JA's novels were written. :-)
                                             (Photo of Caroline from the internet, this is not my doll or dress.)

I am now inspired to make some more beautiful doll dresses inspired by Carolines' Regency/War of 1812 fashions, just in time for Christmas! :-) Look for them coming soon on this blog and my Etsy shop!

Currently I have one Regency dress listed for the discounted price of $16.50:
Winter Regency/ Jane Austen Early 1800s Style Dress for American Girl dolls Caroline 1812, Felicity, Josafina, Kirsten, etc.

Also still available and ready for Christmas gifts, are the Lavender and Lace Edwardian dress (now $22.95) and the Pink Edwardian Party Dress (now $18.95).

Edwardian/ Titanic Era, early 1900s Lavender and Lace Party Dress made for American Girl dolls Rebecca, Samantha, etc.

Victorian/ Edwardian early 1900s style Pink Party Dress made for American Girl Dolls Rebecca, Samantha, etc.