Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~Yellow Romantic Era Dress~

This Romantic Era dress is a lovely light yellow floral, trimmed at the neckline and sleeves with delicate white lace.

The back is detailed with historically accurate curved seams and dropped shoulder seams, as well as a row of delightful pearl "buttons" that disguise the velcro closure.

Kirsten's pantaloons are not included, but if you need some, I can make similar ones for $6. :-)
Included with the dress are a cute little pair of white slipper shoes.
Dress with shoes- $22*
Just the dress-$18*
*Plus shipping and handling

Email me at  or comment to discuss payment options.

Let me know if you would like hair ribbons, as the ones pictured are just some old ones I had on hand. I would be happy to select some especially for you, if needed. :-)

Dress modeled by my circa 1993 American Girl  Kirsten doll.

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